About Me

Emmett (Emmy) Husmann is a composer, percussionist, and producer based out of Chicago, Illinois. He primarily produces under the pseudonym Divine Conduit, and has written music for percussion ensembles, brass bands, theatrical productions, and made the soundtrack for My Town: a narrative fiction podcast by Declan Grogan. Emmett also founded and led GAC (Guilty as Charged), a 12-member brass band based out of Fenwick High School.

Emmett’s music draws inspiration from a variety of genres including progressive rock, contemporary brass band, jazz, experimental electronic, and glam metal. Beyond music, Emmett’s biggest inspiration is nature and the outdoors. He spends the majority of his free time biking and hiking through the vast Chicagoland forest preserves, making candles, meditating, cooking, and fiddling on unfamiliar instruments.

Feel free to reach out at ekhusmann@gmail.com.